San Antonio Shutdown


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In the wake of the current shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, where there was hustle and bustle, there is now quiet and calm.

Because it’s a rather historical scenario, I decided to take a photo walk to document the empty streets and businesses in the heart of my home city of San Antonio, Texas.

I started off in some of the commonly more crowded areas of downtown San Antonio, and I honestly expected to see people out and about at some minimal level. As I walked, however, I immediately began to see that the drastic measures of social distancing recommended in our city, had in fact been put into place by the majority of San Antonians and tourists.

In some ways taking this walk was very peaceful experience, and allowed for me to truly soak in the beauty of our city without the normal crowds. There were monarch butterflies happily flitting about, seemingly enjoying the complete reign and freedom along the lush greenery and blooming flowers along the River-Walk. I could clearly hear the church bells in the distance that might normally have been drowned out by the busyness that the city brings. I have always enjoyed the architecture of our city, the landscaping, and the splashes of culture and color throughout, but, there was definitely an indescribable and rather eerie feeling of mourning intertwined with the emptiness and quiet.

If you are familiar with these areas, you will quickly notice the extreme contrast with what you would typically experience as you visit, and I hope that I was able to capture the still energy that I felt. Because the truth is, as much as I love the architecture, landscaping, and splashes of color throughout our city – the true energy, power, and life of San Antonio comes from the diversity, culture, and creativity of it’s people.

Take care of yourselves San Antonio friends, and continue to stay well so that when this season passes, you can once again breathe life back into our city.