A Meditation of Renewal

Today in the quiet. This maddening, imposed, tragic kind of quiet –
Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and take yourself to that place within that contains peace and still waters.
Where you can feel the soft breeze brushing against your cheek, and the only sounds you can hear are the sounds that nature brings. The joyful melody that can not be constructed by our hands.
The wind in the trees. The soft ripple of the stream. The birds carrying on.
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
And breathe again.
Today in the quiet. This fearful, concerned, vulnerable quiet –
Let your eyes fall softly closed and begin to recreate the internal peace, the soft release, the faith in the journey that brought you safely here.
Feel the sun gently warming your skin, inhale deeply the scent of rain that has recently passed, hear the shushing of the fields, reminding you… (shhhh) to quiet your mind. To trust the unknown. To trust in tomorrow. To trust in the strength that you thought was gone, but that renews from reserves that you have not yet uncovered.
And breathe again.
Today in the quiet. This peaceful, renewing, energizing quiet –
Give thanks, and rest.
And try again tomorrow.


    1. <3 Thank you for taking time to read and enjoy. I hope that this brought some peace and beauty to your day. ~Aimee

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